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We are a female founded fashion brand with a mission to help educate our next generation of female entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators in STEM and web3. 

3DMetadress is a collaboration between Sylvia Heisel, Founder of 
HEISEL and Astrid Pilla, Founder of Meta Fashion House.

Born from the desire to honor all the incredible women out there who are educating our next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs in the sciences, tech, the arts, mathematics, and web3, 3DMetadress has become a fashion tech and lifestyle brand centered around building community while creating luxury 3dprinted sustainable fashion.


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Astrid Pilla is founder of Meta Fashion House, a brand strategy and creative house who expertly brings fashion, beauty, automotive, music, architect and fine artists into new tech, XR, AI and everything in between.   Brands and celebrities who are ready to build community and build out their brand using all the latest technology are in great hands with Astrid's white-glove approach.  Building on years of entrepreneurship, impact marketing, building a strong community while growing a wildly successful multi-million dollar luxury dental practice, entering web3 was as natural as could be for Astrid.   Any new technology is always coupled with an intelligent, thoughtful approach to vision, goals, and legacy in order to build out their brand.   

Astrid is Founder of The Arthur Pilla Research Foundation, a non-profit supporting young PHDs conducting research in electrotherapeutics or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF).  This charitable organization presents a monetary and prize award to a young scientist pushing boundaries and making our world a better place.

As a nationally certified high-performance driving instructor and long time member and instructor of the Porsche Club of America, and former SCCA racer, Astrid has a passion for automotive brands and collaborations.


portrait of Sylvia HeiselHeisel Logo

Sylvia Heisel is a digital fashion designer and creative consultant for future fashion, wearable tech, fashion NFTs, 3D printing, and sustainable manufacturing.

Before Web3, Sylvia built her eponymous fashion brand, spoke on the future of fashion at CES and ITAP, and pioneered 3D printing for fashion. 

She has been named one of the  "Top 100 Women in Fashion Tech",  "25 Forward Thinkers Defining the Future of Fashion”, "Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech" and "12 Amazing People You Need To Know In New York Fashion Tech"




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