SDGs: 3DMetaDress's Sustainable Development Goals

3DMetaDress 3D printed phygital gown with recycled materials, honoring 300 women in web3 and STEM

Sustainable Couture by 3DMetadress

3DMetadress is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand designed to showcase sustainable fashion tech and how to create couture sustainably.

The 3DMetadress Project

The 3DMetadress project is centered around a one-of-one 3D printed phygital (physical dress with digital wearables) couture gown, made up of 300 hand-drawn 3dprinted names of women in web3 and STEM.  Made from recycled material, 3DMetaDress is the ultimate in flexible 3D printed sustainable couture, and a portion of all proceeds goes towards access to education in web3 and STEM for women and girls.

Sustainable Design and Innovation

Through innovation in fashion technology, our goal is to better our planet by using zero waste techniques like 3d printing to create couture (SDG9) and producing products made of recycled materials that are entirely recyclable (SDG12).

Our Commitment to the SDGs 

3DMetaDress strives with numerous United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 

SDG4 - Quality Education
  • By earmarking a percentage of sales to further STEM and web3 education, our goal is to help bring the next million girls into STEM and web3 through education.
SDG5- Gender equality
  • At 3DMetadress, we love collaborating with women in the arts and in tech to uplift all women
SDG9- Industrial innovation and infrastructure
  • Innovation in fashion technology is what we do best!  Bettering our planet by using zero waste techniques creating impactful couture pieces is what we do every single day.
SDG12 - Responsible consumption and production
  • 3DMetadress products are made of recycled material and the fully 3dprinted pieces are entirely recyclable.
SDG13- Climate action 
  • When you order a 3DMetaDress piece, you are purchasing a product that was made of recycled materials, and that you can in fact recycle when you are finished wearing it.  It is also possible to send a 3Dprint file around the world, thereby sending one less freight package and directly reducing carbon emissions.  
SDG17- Partnership for the goals
  • We believe in collaboration and partnership to achieve our goals!   Our first charitable alignment is by giving back to Girls who Code!
  • Purchasing from 3DMetaDress is an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world.
By aligning with the SDGs, 3DMetadress is committed to creating a better future for everyone on our planet!


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