3DMetaDress is a brand honoring and celebrating the remarkable women in web3 and STEM who push boundaries, innovate, and share knowledge with future generations. At the heart of our brand is a one-of-a-kind 3D printed couture gown, the first phygital 3DMetadress featuring 300 hand-drawn names of the women nominated to appear on the dress. 3DMetaDress is a symbol of empowerment, representing the incredible contributions that women are making to the world of web3 and STEM.

Through this unique fashion tech project, 3DMetaDress is launching a web3 brand that inspires and uplifts, both digitally and in real life. A portion of all proceeds will be dedicated to advancing Web3 and STEM education for women and girls, reflecting the project's commitment to making a positive impact on the world, or SDG4. We are proud to announce that our first charity recipient will be Girls who Code!

Visit 3DMetaDress in the Metaverse!

Proud to be a part of Meta Fashion House's metaverse Spatial gallery - visit 3d panels of all 300 names of our honorees printed on 3DMetaDress! Portal to the Decentraland space as well!